Fresh Produce

There is always something fresh at Pinewood Orchards. We grow a variety of vegetables and showcase fresh seasonal produce from other local area farms.

Orchard opens September 3rd

Send us an email and we will let you know what's fresh all season long!

Pinewood Orchards is conveniently located in the center of Kanata, ON - map

Them Apples

The older rootstocks of our trees and the high natural mineral content in the soil on the Canadian Shield, give our apples a taste that is second to none. We have reduced chemical applications to less than 20 % of the average used by larger commercial orchards. This has been achieved by implementing "Integrated Pest Management" practices. We feel that our apples are grown as organically as possible, while still maintaining the strict standards required by our customer base.

Pinewood Orchards is a proud member of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and has participated in the Ontario Environmental Farm Plan program.

Always fresh!

What's Available

Seasonal Produce - Always Fresh!

We grow fresh vegetables throughout the season as well as partnering with other local farms to showcase the freshest produce the Ottawa Valley has to offer. Send us an email and we will let you know what's in season at the Orchard!

Melba - Ready mid to late August

Taste: Sweet
Texture: Soft and juicy
Storage: Short term, 2 weeks
Cooking: Breaks down well, great for sauces and soft pies

Atlas - Ready late August to early September

Taste: Tart
Texture: Hard and dry
Storage: Long term, 1½ months
Cooking: Stays firm, great for crisps, crumbles, jellies etc.

Lobo - Ready early to mid September

Taste: Semi-sweet to sweet
Texture: Firm and crunchy
Storage: Mid term, 1 - 1½ months
Cooking: All recipes

McIntosh - Ready mid to late September

Taste: Tart to semi-sweet
Texture: Firm thick skin, softer inside, juicy
Storage: Mid term, 1 month
Cooking: Breaks down well, great for sauces and soft pies

Cortland - Ready late September to early October

Taste: Sweet to semi-sweet
Texture: Hard, crunchy, juicy, stays white longer
Storage: Long term, up to 2½ months
Cooking: Stays firm, resists browning, great for salads, pies, crisps etc.